Práctica Sur

Práctica Sur takes place every non-holiday Friday of the month, from 18:30 through to 21:00 hours, at the Civic Centre Casa de las Columnas, 79 Pureza Street in Triana, Seville.

What is Práctica Sur? It is a tango practice club organised by the Asociación de Tango Triana.  Práctica Sur is an open practice session,  not a class directed by teachers.  Though, to occasionally invite professional teachers is not ruled out.  It is an informal and relaxed meet-up in which dancers of all levels are welcome.  The emphasis is on having a good time, and to share our knowledge of tango with each other. The allocated area for Práctica Sur is in the Civic Centre Casa de las Columnas in the Triana district.  We urge people who frequently attend the practice, and others interested in collaborating with our activity, to become members of the Asociación de Tango Triana.  The importance of affiliation is to the benefit all club members.  The membership fee for the academic year 2011-2012 is only 5€.  To join you simply have to complete and submit the application for registration.